10 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Mower

do not never your mower
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1. Do not let your engine get low on oil.

Your engine must be greased well to forestall heating. If your lawn mower runs out of oil and is ran anyway, you may be either shopping for a brand new engine or a brand new lawn mower. CHECK YOUR OIL BEFORE each USE!
Broken rod from lack of engine oil Broken rod from lack of engine oil

2. Do not let your radiator fluid get low.

This solely applies to liquid cooled mowers. Engine can overheat and seize up while not fluid! you would like to see your coolant level BEFORE every USE!
Radiator fluid level
3. Do not suffocate your engine.

Keep dirt and grass cleared aloof from the engine cooling fins. Your engine wants air circulation to forestall heating. If your engine overheats it will lock up, or perhaps worse, it will catch on fire!

Clean engine cooling fins Clogged Air Filter Clogged Air Filter Grass and junk packed in engine compartment of edger commencing to burn.Mower alight
4. Do not hit tree stumps.

If you hit a plant structure with a push lawn mower, you may possibly bend your blade and presumably crank shaft. this is able to lead to a really valuable repair.

If you hit a plant structure with a riding mower or zero flip, you may bend the blades and presumably bend the lawn mower deck or break the spindles. this may even be a really valuable repair.
Tree Stump
5. Do not attempt to use your lawn mower to quickly re-spool rope or wire.

While your lawn mower can get the duty done plenty quicker than you’ll, this is often not a really price effective technique. you may most likely find yourself needing a serious repair.

barbed wire wrapped around {mower|lawn lawn mower|garden tool|lawn tool} blades and spindleRope tangled in mower blade and spindle
6. do not operate your lawn mower if safety instrumentation isn’t operating properly. Do browse your manual and follow all safety directions.

Please check all of your safety instrumentation before you begin your lawn mower. Most accidents involving mowers might are prevented if the operator was following safety directions. there’s no machine value one amongst your worshipped ones obtaining slashed or killed!
Discharge chute tied upBlade ExposedSeat Belt
PLEASE certify YOUR youngsters AND PETS square measure
IN THE HOUSE whereas you’re MOWING!!!!!
7. Do not let your lawn mower deck get clogged with grass and junk.

Remove dirt, grass, and junk from high and beneath aspect of your lawn mower deck when every use. this may keep your pulleys and belts moving freely while not heating. you’ll hose off your deck. once you are finished, simply interact the lawn mower blades and allow them to flip for a number of minutes to induce drying and to re-heat the bearings.
Trying to store fodder for the winter?Mower become Chia Pet

8. Do not let animals board your lawn mower.

Often times critters create nice very little homes in instrumentation, particularly once the instrumentation is left outdoors or in a very barn for the winter. filter compartments will create cozy places for mice to measure. certify you check your filter and different engine compartments often for signs of animal nesting.

Animal nest in {mower|lawn lawn mower|garden tool|lawn tool}Animal nest in mowerSnake tangled in mower deck spindlesGoat standing on high of mower

9. do not use unsafe lawn mower blades.

There square measure several things which will create a lawn mower blade unsafe.

  • ¬†Sharpening them too over and over – If a blade is worn too skinny it becomes weak. If you hit one thing, the blade might break off and injure somebody.
  • Bent blade – If a blade is bent it’ll be out of balance. this may ruin your bearings and scalp your yard.
  • Cracked blade – If a blade is cracked and you hit one thing it will break off and injure somebody.
  • Broken blade – A broken blade are going to be out of balance and ruin your bearings. you furthermore may risk
  • The blade gap fully and doing serious property harm or injuring somebody.
  • Sterilization the blade – mower blades square measure factory-made with strict standards and tolerances for
  • your safety. sterilization will cause property harm, personal injury and death.

10. Do not forget regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance is extremely necessary. Your lawn mower can last for much longer if it’s tuned up every year.

Riding Mower/Zero Turn: modification engine oil, oil filter, air filter, pre-air filter, spark plugs, and filter. Clean the engine cooling fins and lawn mower deck. Check deck belts, bearings, and idlers, transmission belt and idlers, tire pressures, charging system, and battery. fill up all grease fittings, level lawn mower deck, sharpen and balance lawn mower blades.

Push Mower: modification engine oil, spark plug, and filter. Clean engine cooling fins and lawn mower deck. Check cables, check self propel, fill up machine, sharpen and balance lawn mower blades.

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